ESTA VISA Czech-Republic

ESTA VISA Waiver Czech-Republic

USA ESTA VISA Waiver for Czech-Republic Citizens under VISA Waiver Program (Czech-Republic citizens are permitted to have ESTA VISA Waiver to transit the United States or to travel for Tourism or business perposes for up to a period of 90 days without any VISA).


ESTA VISA Waiver is an online application programme for the citizens of Czech-Republic developed by US Custom Border Protection to allow Department Of Homeland Security to pre-screen all the Czech-Republic travelers before they are allowed to board an airplane or ship to USA.

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VWP Benefits for Czech-Republic Citizens

ESTA is a VISA Waiver Program developed by Department of Custom and Border Protection(CBP) and US Government, operated under Department of Homeland Security (DHS) for passengers traveling from Czech-Republic. There are 38 Countries, which participates in this Visa Waiver Program.Visa Waiver Program allows passengers from Czech-Republic to travel to United States without VISA. However, passengers from Czech-Republic traveling under VWP are not permitted to stay in United States more then 90 days.And Passenger from Czech-Republic have to get ESTA Authorization prior to departure.

  • It avails the facility to get ESTA at short notice for citizens from VISA Waiver Countries.
  • One can apply US ESTA VISA Waiver application for more then one passenger.
  • ESTA VISA allows pre-screening of candidates to CBP at short notice.
  • Can be applied online from anywhere at any point of time.

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